Digital Services

We offer deep experience in digital media, and social media integration and analysis.

Brain Garden Digital Services


Our specialty is understanding the digital landscape. We research, plan and buy every manner of digital media, from placing simple static banner ads to developing complex and pervasive, data-informed digital strategies be it with programmatic, native, dynamic, responsive ads and more. As part of that end-to-end digital offering, we operate with complete transparency, monitoring, analyzing and reporting on the in-market optimization of our clients’ campaigns to ensure that what we’ve seeded, thrives and produces healthy results.

Brain Garden Social Media


Our dedicated team of social media gardeners take a partnership approach. They collaborate with our clients to identify audience profiles, behaviours and media habits. And then help plan, embed and nurture our clients’ social strategies. They are content curators, community managers and research analysts, focussed solely on cultivating and nurturing bountiful social media results. In addition, we’ve developed a proprietary, turn-key social media platform tool that clients can plug and play to help manage, grow and engage their own social communities.